You took me up on a January morning

to fly like a bird in the sky

In my life I have never been so high.  

You shared your dreams of flying with me

Now I know what it feels like to be free.  

What a January morning that was for me

Sometimes it's still hard for me to believe.  

Now my life has changed,I am always looking to the sky

And always wondering when I'll get another chance to fly.  

Everyone should take a chance with "Po" in the air

Because nothing else can compare,

To soar up in the sky with no worries or cares

There should be no reason to ever be scared.  

There is no way to "thank-you" for what you have given me

But your true friend I will always be.  

I have a wish for you my friend And my wish is this,

May the good Lord hold you in his hand as you fly up in that beautiful sky

And may you always have the ability and the love to fly.....  

Love,   Tracy :-)


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